historyIn 1960, the Pacific Foundation for Marine Research secured a lease from the State for land at Makapuu Point on which to develop an institution for marine education, marine science and ocean industry, 3-pronged like Neptune's fork. The independent ocean center in Hawai'i was conceived to explore the undersea world and understand its inhabitants. As the nation's newest state, Hawai'i was ripe for development and had a long tradition of allowing new technology to bloom alongside its traditional economies of agriculture and tourism. Founded by Taylor A. "Tap" Pryor, the Makapuu Oceanic Center featured an aquarium and park for visitors, a marine research facility, and a pier and test range for vessels and submersibles.

Research Sets Stage for Oceanic Institute
In 1972, Sea Life Park and Makai Pier and Test Range were spun off from Oceanic Institute (OI) into separate entities, but the founding vision still contributes to Hawaii's tourist and entertainment industry, and provides outstanding research and education capabilities.

Innovation Through Integration
Today at OI, innovative systems are being developed by integrating the research of various departments within OI. These initiatives rely on the expertise and past experience of OI's researchers in feeds, larval rearing, growout, environmental conditions, animal health, and marketing. A secure future for OI and the aquaculture industry will be found in these developments and in new initiatives in biotechnology and genetic and molecular biology.